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Abundance of Grace


We celebrated communion a couple Sundays back. During the Great Thanksgiving, as I lifted the bread, my daughter immediately started signing for “more” and “eat.” It was all I could do to keep from laughing! She may not have known everything that was happening in worship, but she knew Daddy had food and she wanted some!

She doesn’t know the words of institution. She can’t tell you the theological mystery of the bread and cup being the body and blood. But she knows someone who loves her is offering something worth having.

Sometimes I need reminding. God’s invitation is big enough for everyone. God’s grace is abundant for everyone. There’s more than enough for everyone.

And I don’t have to say all the right words or even know them. I don’t have to understand how everything fits together. All I have to know is that someone who loves me is offering something worth having. I can come to the table and receive.



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